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SQL Server Row Versions

1 minute read

The rowversion data type is simple to implement, but provides some powerful functionality.

Logging Gulp Errors

less than 1 minute read

While building Aurelia applications, I have occassionaly made changes that cause the gulp build process to crash. It is very easy to add console logging to ...

Dates: From JavaScript to Web Api

2 minute read

Dates can be tricky things. Let’s consider the case of getting a date from a Javascript front end all the way to SQL Server.

Entity Framework 6 Refresher: One To One

1 minute read

Often a one-to-one relationship is required. Mapping these in EF is very similar to mapping any other relationships. For this example each person can have...

Entity Framework 6 Refresher: Many To Many

2 minute read

To demonstrate a many to many relationship, we can look at a two-way relationship between Person and Hobby. We start by adding a collection property to each...

Entity Framework 6 Refresher: One To Many

2 minute read

To demonstrate a one-to-many relationship, we can associate Person with Hobby. This means that each hobby will belong to one and only one person (our peopl...